Thailand Province Border Adjacency Dataset/Code

A quick update post to help get my latest project's new dataset more readily indexed on Google search, etc. (Feb 8th 2021) I've recently been working on risk assessment for COVID-19 in our 2nd wave. To create an email alert per province (taking account of local regional data) I needed to join provincial data together. … Continue reading Thailand Province Border Adjacency Dataset/Code

On Measuring the Senior, In Senior Software Engineering Roles

Labelling "Senior", "Mid" and "Junior" roles of software engineers comes up from time to time in the developer and programmer forums. While I'm not a fan of labels for people or groups of people - Seniority and Skill/Knowledge/Ability Levels get to me because they are so ambiguous. So it is down to us to contribute and discuss to reach a clear definition. A truth of seniority, across all genres, is group-wide effect. It's leadership, it's empathy, it's improving the individuals and the group as a whole for the group's common interest. It's a positive improvement. But what does that mean for Developers and Software Engineers?

Book review 2/2 on Robot Proof: Higher Education in the Age of AI

I finished the book by Joseph Aoun a little while ago, and I've been sitting on my notes letting them stir. I think i have a fairly safe conclusion for its second half. That said, I would expect those with an understanding and empathetic relationship with their CS students and their families will have been … Continue reading Book review 2/2 on Robot Proof: Higher Education in the Age of AI

Open Source Code for Light Stage Capture Sequences

Today I'm posting updates (1/n) to the Light Stage open source project codebase. The updates mark improvements for integrating experimental result data and 3d geometry data with light and camera-trigger hardware controllers (3). Included are two new lighting sequence improvements (1) and (2) and a way to get started, no matter your stage design and … Continue reading Open Source Code for Light Stage Capture Sequences

Collaboration Platforms for Data Scientists

News from April 10th 2019 is the release of Google's collaborative AI platform for Data Science teams, for execution on cloud or on premises. Google's platform joins Alibaba's similar platform called PAI 2.0 announced in March 29th 2017. While comprehensive information on Alibaba's platform is sparse in non-Chinese, the Google AI Platform does give samples … Continue reading Collaboration Platforms for Data Scientists

mozDraggables Library (vanilla-js)

I recently needed a minimal simple library for handling drag and drop behaviours of dynamic HTML elements, and while I like's library for resize/drag/drop at 85kb (js), I decided I wanted something smaller. Mozilla's MDN example code did the job mostly, so I uncoupled, restructured, parameterised some options and committed as mozDraggables under the MIT license. In the end, the mozDraggables … Continue reading mozDraggables Library (vanilla-js)

GRASP’ing for Good Design

I hear it's not all that uncommon for great software engineers to keep the principles of GRASP (General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns) in mind while carrying out Object Oriented Design (OOD). Here, I've gone ahead and summarised these points into convenient shortened captions. Do feel free to look up and read Craig Larman's 2005 text, including … Continue reading GRASP’ing for Good Design