Workflows & Stacks

Below are some recent projects with workflows and stacks (including developer training with taught topics shown).

WorkflowStack / Topics
Mobile iOS/Android, Backend, Full-Stack, Product Development.Ionic Cordova Angular 4, Auth0, JWT, C# ASP .NET Core, MSSQL, Azure Tables, SwaggerHub, REST API.
Data Science,/ Analytics, Computer Vision Research.Python, PyOpenGL, Docker, CherryPy, Redis, Scipy, Skit-Learn, Numpy, Nose2, Mock, backoff.
Data Science, Online Presence, Grant Proposal Contributor.Python, Pandas, IMDBPy, Google/YouTube APIs WIX, Mapme.
Full Stack, Data Science, Online Presence, Business DevelopmentScala Play Framework, Angular, NodeJS, LeafletJS HERE API, Google APIs, Moqups
Frontend, Full Stack, DataPython Django, Pyramid, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Angular, HTML/CSS/ JS, Chrome Extension Store. NodeJS, Docker, Tox, Moqups, UML, PyCallGraph, Valentina for Postgres
Consultant, Backend, Architect, Dev Training.PHP5 to PHP7. MySQL, Jquery, NodeJS stack. Swagger, XHProf, UML, NaviCat, Visio.
Consultant, Dev Training, DevOpsAgile, version control, OO, automated testing, CI/CD. Jenkins, Github, PHPUnit, Selenium.
TrainingProgramming in Python, Java, Scala Advanced Programming Concurrency Databases (SQL/NO) Data Management Data Bindings Building Application Services Systems Architectures Software Engineering & Design Patterns Object-Oriented & Functional Programming, Test Driven Development, Agile.
Backend, Teaching MentorJava Spring, Apache CXF, Angular, PostGres, REST/SOAP, JAXRS/WS, Angular
BackendJava native, unit testing
Dataset Creation, Backend, MentorC# native, Linq, JSON
Teaching, Full Stack IoT Application DevelopmentUbiquitous Computing, C++, Python, Bash, Linux. PHP, JS, Google Map API Raspberry Pi, Arduino
Research, Algorithm Design, Data ScienceC++, OpenCV, R.
Research, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics.C++, R. Gazebo, Bullet Physics.
Research, Backend, Data Science, DevOpsJava native: logging, instrumentation, metric monitoring, threadpools, peer-to-peer hybrid networking. Python, SciPy, Numpy, Pandas, Skit-learn: Trial metric evaluation and statistical hypothesis confirmation.
DevOps, Data Engineering.Java native, Bash, SSH, Linux/Windows.
Machine Learning, Data Science.Python, Numpy, SciPy, Matplotlib.
Machine Learning, Data Science, ResearchJava, Weka
Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Procurement, Research.STL, Ladder Logic, TIA Portal, PLCSim, MOKA7/STEP7, S7Comms, Wireshark.Bash, Java Pnuematics
Security ResearchC++, Assembly GDB, VirtualBox. Various security tools.
Research, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data.Java, Weka.
Backend, basic frontend, QA Testing, Project Management.Ruby 1.8x, Ruby-on-Rails 2.3x, HTML/JS/CSS, REST, XML, SQLite3 UML, ERD, Visio/ MS Project, Req Analysis, Spec Docs. Test docs. Unit/ Func System Testing. CamStudio. AuthLogic, Enum-Column, Luhn check, ActiveRecord SQL Migrations & Validates, HTTParty, HyperActiveResource, RailRoad.
Full Stack, Team Lead, DevOps, Expert Decision System, Agile, Remote.PHP5.x OO, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS-vanilla, Jquery. Debian CentOS UML, ERD, Visio

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