On Estimating Thailand’s COVID-19 Infections and Infection Fatality Ratio (IFR)

This post records the method used to create an estimate for Thailand's Infected Cases nationally and by province, by using the IFR metric, quantities of deaths in Thailand, combined with known provincial demographics to estimate Thailand's (unreleased) COVID-19 related death ages. Infected Cases differ from actual Recorded Cases in that they offer a view on whether more cases (i.e. asymptomatic) are likely to be found. This work was sparked by Matt Greenfield and Dylan Jay's discussion. Obviously, there's too much to fit in a tweet. In the article, we go through (1) how readers can directly calculate their own estimates for Number of Infected Cases from our data, followed by (2) method taken to reach the results, then (3) discussion, limitation and conclusions. There are plenty of caveats described in this article, so take a look at these before drawing conclusions.

TIL: Fixing ‘file not found’ dependency libraries in Linux

In Ubuntu (Debian/CentOS, and the like) apt is our go to CLI application package installer. It handles everything in a single iconic command that every Linux user knows: sudo apt install <packageName> Sometimes, and I still don't get why or when, a package's shared library (dependency) is not installed. For example, this happened today for … Continue reading TIL: Fixing ‘file not found’ dependency libraries in Linux